We are retailers of Koi & Fancy Goldfish & provide pond, water garden maintenance & cleaning programs.

For many years we have enjoyed our Koi and goldfish ponds, and after much encouragement from friends  and   family we decided  to offer our services to you, the public. Loving goldfish as we do, and having no luck  finding a   reputable source for them, we opened Fancy Fins. Our objective is to provide you with an excellent  source for all   you pond care needs regarding water quality and fish medications, as well as beautiful Koi and  Fancy Goldfish.

A water garden in your landscape will provide you with calmness and seclusion from the fast paced world of daily living. Refreshing coolness on the warmest day, and a sanctuary for the beauties of nature. Birds, butterflies, squirrels and insects will delight the eyes and warm the heart. The jewel like iridescence of Koi and goldfish, the beauty of water lily's and plentiful water plants, flowering and foliage alike are a joy to behold.

        Water features and gardens have played an important part down through the centuries, from the earliest dynasties to  modern architecture, homes and estates. For most homeowners itís a haven to escape to, a place of relaxation to share with  friends and loved oneís. The sounds of a sparkling waterfall or the murmur of a gently flowing brook provides a sanctuary
of un-imaginable beauty for all to enjoy.

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